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Real Money Slots


When it comes to playing slots online there is more to just clicking the spin button repeatedly. Okay, that’s how you play and that won’t change, but there is more to picking a game and understanding the differences that separate successful players from those that feel they have no luck and give up too easily.

In this guide we are discussing real money slots, how you can win by playing real money slots, how the games are made and why you should also be using free demo slots if this is your first time looking to play at the best Canadian online casinos and get into slots gambling.

This will be the only online slots guide you need, as we cover every topic on the subject of slot gameplay.

Real Money Slots Canada

In Canada, we are blessed with having plenty of land casinos that offer us great casino games one of which can be found here. Which, by the way, this casino has the largest array of slot machines on the French riviera should you visit this area someday.

But do players get the best when it comes to real money slots?

Well, the interesting fact is, is that online slots and cabinets within land casinos are made in the entirely same way.

When picking real money slots, it has to be said that online casinos offer the widest variety of slot gaming that they have to be considered the best slots in Canada. The average Canadian online casino holds approximately 500 to 800 online slot machines this is 5x as many as Canada’s largest land casino.

Online Slots

When it comes to real money slots, the world of online casinos holds thousands of titles from an extraordinary number of developers. Players have access to the world’s best slots in Canada and though these casinos are not based in Canada, you can still win CAD currency from each slot game you play.

If this is your first time looking into gambling and online slot machines, then it is important to know that slot gaming can be addictive. Should you want more information about gambling addiction then is the perfect site to help you control your gaming habits.

Slots are an addictive game because there are so many of them providing a large payout opportunity. These are addictive because they are easy to play and because of how they are made, players win a bit and go back for more, and win a little bit more, and so on and so on.

Best Slots in Canada

So, what are the best slots in Canada to play? Well, with so many to pick from, there is only one place to start when analysing real money slots and that is to start with the developers making the online slot machines. If you have over 10,000 games, and 50 game developers, it makes sense to start with the lower amount.

By knowing about the developers, you get to know more about the games. By understanding how they are made to perform and help people win or lose, helps you to understand how to focus in on the games which are more profitable.

Knowing about slot technology is pretty simple, real money slots are made one of two ways when it comes to payment algorithms and there are one of three levels to how they perform, and all the developers out there must use these options and these alone to make their online slot machines.

The two algorithms are Random Number Generator and Return to Player. The RTP is the most common of the two. This is scored on a percentage basis, the average of this is 96%. So, off all the money you put into a game with an RTP score of 96%, you will make 96% of your money back.

The three levels of performance are high volatility, which presents fewer wins in a game but higher profit when you do win. Low volatility produces more frequent wins, however, most likely less than what you paid to spin each time. In the middle is medium volatility which is a mix of the two levels so it’s kind of the ideal slot programming to play.

By understanding this, you can now make a better judgment call on games to play and those to avoid, given many games provide their RTP score and volatility levels in the gaming information button.

Slots Bonuses for Canada

Casio bouses are a great option for players to help them play with reduced financial risks. You can get slots bonuses for Canada members inside the top casinos online. By playing slots online with a bonus offer, you can acquire free spins. The number of spins you get varies from offer to offer and can be as low as 5 free spins or as high as 500 free spins. Should you plan on accepting a bonus offer, then please read the bonus terms and conditions. This way, you will understand which online slots are eligible, when the bonus expires, what deposit you need to pay first, and what the wagering requirements are.

These are important things to know because not all casino bonuses are the same, especially the wagering requirement. This term covers the rules on withdrawing any money won whilst using the bonus money. You might find some of the conditions to be an eye-opener.

Playing Slots Online

Before playing slots online to win real money, players may find it very helpful to experience the gameplay and how slot machine wins are made through free demo games.

Free demo gameplay comes from licensed casino slots, they play and act the same, minus the cash at the end.

Free demos will give you time to learn about the algorithms, the levels of volatility, and gives you risk-free gaming to explore all the titles there are within the best Canadian casinos online.

The demos we encourage you to use are those made by the same licensed developers that are associated with the casinos online. Try to avoid free mobile app games, these are filtered with ads and unfriendly software and serve no useful purpose from a game learning point of view as they are not used by the major casinos online.

We now end out guide looking at alternatives to slot machine wins.

Slot Machine Wins

When it comes to the possibilities of winning cash online, real money slots are not the only option you have. If playing slots online is not an interest, then there are many other games which are more traditional like baccarat.

In the world of traditional casino gameplay baccarat is perhaps the least popular card game when compared with blackjack and poker.

Baccarat is a simple game that can be played as a digital card game or as a live feature. The card game holds a good house edge to benefit the player and comes as a live feature that allows you to play using real equipment and in real-time.

Baccarat is a highly underrated game, so if you are after an alternative, this would be the game we recommend you try. There are also a number of free demo baccarat games you can play online to learn the rules and how to win.